# Configuration

After the successful installation, the plugin still needs to be configured.

Click on Configuration in the plugin manager.

Plugin configuration

# Active in this sales channel

With this you basically activate the plugin for this sales channel.

# Show vouchers in the customer profile

With this setting, your customers can see purchased or assigned vouchers in your customer account.

# Standard voucher code format

With this you define the code format of your voucher code as soon as the voucher code is generated:

Letter %s
Number %d


  • The more characters your voucher has, the safer it is. Put at least 10 characters.
  • You can put any other character between or in front of the variables (%s, %d).
    Example: 2020-%s%s%s%s-%d%d%d%d becomes the code "2020-neti-1337"

# Redemption of the voucher codes only with the following payment status

This attitude is very important. Here you can determine the payment status from which the voucher can be redeemed. The payment status relates to the order in which the voucher was purchased.