# Where can I create vouchers

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You can create vocuhers under Marketing > Vouchers.

# Where can I create purchasable vouchers?

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You can create purchasable vouchers under Marketing > Purchasable vouchers.

# What's the difference between general vouchers and individual vouchers?

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# General vouchers

General vouchers are customer-dependent and can be redeemed by every customer. The whole voucher value is available for every customer.

# Individual vouchers

Individual vouchers are voucher-dependent and can be redeemed only once. The whole voucher value is available only once.

# Example

The redemption of vouchers in the table below must be viewed in chronological order.

Customer Redemption value General voucher
(USD 20,00)
Individual voucher
(USD 30,00)
A USD 10,00 ✔️ ✔️
B USD 20,00 ✔️ ✔️
C USD 15,00 ✔️
A USD 10,00 ✔️
B USD 5,00
C USD 5,00 ✔️

# Can I export / import vouchers?

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A new export / import profile is available from version 3.2.0. You can import and export the vouchers via this profile. When importing, you must make sure that the file is in the correct format. As an example, just export a voucher and stick to its format.

# Why are the conditions of the vouchers not exported?

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The conditions are only exported from Shopware version For a correct export, the conditions must first be edited and brought into the correct format. The option to edit the export file is only available from Shopware