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Show dealers, POS and locations - Connect stationary and digital trade. Search online, buy offline? No problem with for StoreLocator! It can also be extended with various features.

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As practical and popular as online shopping is nowadays - with some products the way to the retailer or the branch is hardly to be missed. For example, when it comes to consulting or explanation-intensive products such as technical devices. Nevertheless, most customers first research online before making a purchase decision, which options are available and which product might suit their own requirements - only then does the path to the dealer follow.

Our "StoreLocator" plugin will help you to ensure that you, as the online shop operator, do not lose your customers to the local competition. In addition to the detailed product information online, you can simply provide your customers with a dealer and branch overview, in which the nearest store is displayed to clarify the matter.

# Practical features for the best possible shopping experience

As a shop operator, you create your retailers and branches with the "StoreLocator" in the admin, so that you can manage them quickly and easily. The location data of your customers are automatically "geocoded" when they are saved and the dealers and branches you have created are then displayed as a clear list in your shop via "Google Maps".

In compliance with data protection regulations, your customers can of course decide for themselves whether they want their location to be determined automatically or whether they want to enter a direct search for zip code or city. All branches nearby are then displayed in the second step. The design of the input mask and technical details such as the branch radius can be individually defined and implemented here.

With the customer-friendly view, you make it easier to find directions and relieve your customers of their own search for suitable branches, which promotes the active sale of your products. In addition to the pure listing of your stores, you can also use the plugin to link to shop sub-pages or to regional branch offers.

# Highlights

⭐️ Postcode & Radius and countries search
⭐️ Access via individual URL path (e.g. “/Stores")
⭐️ Detailpages for stores
⭐️ Automatic geocoding for locations when manually creating or importing the retailers and stores

# Features

✔️ Search the retailer & store title (activated / can be deactivated).
✔️ User location finder
✔️ Search in different
✔️ Import & export store data
✔️ Featured stores (always appear at the top and are highlighted)
✔️ An image can be allocated to one store
✔️ Link to internal pages
✔️ Customizable Google Maps location icon
✔️ GET Parameter: search, distance, country, order
✔️ Google Maps Route Planner
✔️ Filters can now be optionally used via free-text fields in the front end search
✔️ Contact form with captcha and variable fields depending on location
✔️ Locations / Stores can be assigned categories and filtered
✔️ Connection between brick-and-mortar and digital retail